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Beverley Wanjon
P.O. Box 802756
Santa Clarita, CA 91380

The Vizsla was officially recognized by the AKC 1960

Date Established
1965 (Owned by Vizslas since 1962)

OFA Certified

Areas Of Activity
Conformation, Agility, Obedience, Rally and Hunters

Honorable Mention
Russet Leather has successfully and continually bred the TOP Vizslas in the country.  We've devoted many years to improving,
protecting, & breeding the finest Vizslas.  We are both members of the Beverly Hills Kennel Club ("Bev" Obedience Chairman
and "Ed" Board of Directors).  We also belong to the Vizsla Club of America (where Ed served on the Board of Directors for
approx. 10 yrs) and we are members of the Southcoast Vizsla Club.

Below are several of OUR VIZSLAS listed on the VIZSLA HISTORY REGISTRY.  

Hall Of Fame

Secret - CH Russet Leather Indian Giver ROM, HOF, Breeder/Owner Adrian & Beverley Wanjon, Secret is honored in the
prestigious...  VCA Registry Of Merit (ROM) & VCA Hall Of Fame (HOF) - 2001!

Geli - BIS NBISS MBISS GCH CH MACH2 Russet Leather Sacajawea RE, SH, MXG, MJC, XF, ROM, HOF,
owned by Jamie Walton, Carol Dostal Keller & Beverley Wanjon, breeders Carol Dostal Keller, Rick Dostal, Adrian &
Beverley Wanjon, Geli is honored in the prestigious...  VCA Registry Of Merit (ROM) & VCA Hall Of Fame (HOF) - 2016!

Record Holders

Bismark - 14xBIS 2xNBISS NBOS MBISS CH Russet Leather Warrior's Mark JH, MAOM, ROM, owned by the Pop Star
"Seal" & Beverley Wanjon, All Time Top Winning Breeder/Owner Handled Vizsla in the breeds history!  Top Winning Male
Vizsla in the History of the Vizsla Club of America "National Events", 2x National Best In Specialty Show (2xNBISS) - 2001
& 2003 and National Best Of Opposite (NBOS) - 1999!

Tokaji - GCH AGCH CH MACH13 PACH Russet Leather Wild Aszu CDX, RE, JH, MXC3, PAD, MJC4, PJD, MXPB, PADP,
MJP3, MJPB, PJDP, PAX, MFB, TQX, MFPB, T2B5, TKI, RATN, CGC, owned by Jamie Walton & Beverley Wanjon, breeders
Jamie Walton, Carol Dostal Keller & Beverley Wanjon, MOST TITLED VIZSLA IN VIZSLA CLUB OF AMERICA HISTORY!  As
of January 27th, 2017, Tokaji has 71 AKC Titles (11 1/2 years old)!  She is the RECORD HOLDER for MACH TITLE WINS
(MACH13) - as of January 19th, 2017!  June 3rd, 2018, Tokaji earned her Agility Grand Championship (12 years & 11 months)!!!

Calla - BIS BISS CH Russet Leather Caveat Calla ROM, owned by Kathy Rust, Diana Jones & Karen Hooks, DVM,
BEST OF BREED - 1991, 1992, 1993!  (1991 Group 3 & 1993 Group 3!)

First N History

Battue - MBISS GCH CH Russet Leather Hunter's Dance CD, RE, MHA, MX, MXJ, MJB, XF, owned by Jamie Walton & Jeff
Ort, breeders Jamie Walton & Beverley Wanjon, FIRST DOG to earn the MASTER HUNTER ADVANCED (MHA) TITLE, at
5 years old (having 19 AKC titles total)!  
AKC - Articles on Pointing Breeds First Dog To Earn MHA -- 'Battue'

Cody - MBIS MBISS GCH CH Russet Leather Wild Bill Cody MHA, RA, MAOM, owned by Betty Meadows & Jamie Walton,
breeders Jamie Walton, Beverley Wanjon & Carol Dostal Keller, FIRST MULTIPLE BEST IN SHOW (BIS) VIZSLA to win a
MASTER HUNTER ADVANCED (MHA) TITLE, (Las Vegas Bird Dog Club - December 2nd, 2012)!

High Honors

Tok - BISS GCH CH Russet Leather Boulder’s Wild Tok MH, ROM, owned & loved by Tad Walden, Carol Dostal Keller, J & E Hetkowski,
breeders Jamie Walton "Calibre Vizslas", Carol Dostal Keller and Beverley Wanjon "Russet Leather Vizslas", Best In Specialty Show (BISS),
Grand Champion (GCH), Master Hunter (MH).  Multiple Group Wins & Placements. AKC Eukanuba National Champion in 2009, Vizsla Club
of America Stud Dog of Year in 2011, Vizsla Club of America 2nd ranked Sire for Versatility titles in 2014, Registry of Merit earned from only,
two litters and 11 puppies.  All training and titles were owner handler accomplished!  Continued on Vizsla Boys and the History Registry.

Tecate - MBISS GCH CH Kezdet's Russet Leather River Whisper AOM, owned & loved by Adrian & Beverley Wanjon, Barry Golob and
Judy Saddlemire, bred by Barry Golob and Judy Saddlemire, Multiple BISS Winner, Group Winning, Multiple Group Placer, #5 Breed &
All Breed - 2011, #3 Vizsla All Systems - 2012, VCA National Specialty AOM - 2013, 2x Sweepstakes Winner WD, South Coast Vizsla
Club Specialty Winner!

Tookie - 2xBISS GCH CH Storm Winds Namaste Warrior, owned & loved by Alis Smith, Kirsten Davis & Beverley Wanjon, breeder
Kirsten Davis, 2xBest In Specialty Show (BISS), A Top 10 Vizsla, Multiple Group Placements!

Hank - BISS CH Russet Leather Red Cloud II JH, ROM, owned & loved by Beverley Wanjon & Paul Palkovic, breeder Michael Raab,
VCA Stud Dog Winner - 1999, VCA National Specialty Winner, Registry Of Merit (ROM), Junior Hunter (JH), Multiple Best Of Breed!

Jake - BISS CH Russet Leather Satiao Dawn CDX, bred by & owned & loved by Adrian & Beverley Wanjon, Best In Specialty Show (BISS),
Companion Dog Excellent (CDX), Multiple Best Of Breed!

Rival - CH Rotkopf Russet Leather Rival, owned & loved by Adrian & Beverley Wanjon, bred by Barbara Stevens, VCA Stud Dog Winner,
VCA Best Veteran, A Top Producer, Multiple Best Of Breed!

Louise - 2xBISS CH Cooley's Russet Leather Elegance, owned & loved by JC Cooley & GG Cooley, bred by Beverley Wanjon, JC Cooley &
GG Cooley, Group Placing & Multiple Best Of Breed Winning, 2x Best In Specialty Show!

Pawnee - Dual Champion (DC) AFC Russet Leather Pretty Pawnee, bred by & owned & loved by Adrian & Beverley Wanjon, Dual Champion (DC)
and Amateur Field Trial Champion (AFC)!

Teak - MBISS GCHS CH Russet Leather Ride To The Top JH, MX, MXJ, Owned & loved by Mary Grant, bred by Mary Grant, Jamie Walton
and Beverley Wanjon, Multiple Best In Specialty Show, Silver Grand Champion (GCHS), Champion (CH), Junior Hunter (JH), Master Excellent
(MX), Master Agility Jumper (MXJ), Multiple Group Placing, #1 Vizsla Dog in Breed Rankings – 2016, Westminster Kennel Club - Best Of Breed
Winner - 2017, 3rd Place Stud Dog - Vizsla Club of America Nationals - 2017!

To name only a few...  Enjoy browsing our website!  Ed & Bev
Welcome to Russet Leather Vizslas, Adrian & Beverley Wanjon (Ed & Bev).  Inquiries welcome!
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