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It is with a heavy heart that I bid farewell to my best friend Sarah.  She was our second Vizsla but my first show dog.  I
feel very fortunate that Koppertone Vizslas allowed my family to have such a great friend and companion.  Sarah and
I entered the show ring as complete novices and were dumped at our very first attempt, but not to be discouraged we
dusted ourselves off and showed up the next day to take Winners Bitch and from there we had quite a ride.  Together
we completed her CH, JH and CD and even won her second BISS under Judge Kathy Rust.  

Sarah has had an amazing career in just 3 short years.  With Multiple Best of Breed wins in 2002 and 2003 her first BISS
that year was at the South Coast Vizsla Specialty.  She continued on this winning streak going BOB at the Lake Matthews
Kennel Club Show the next day.  At the Simi Valley Show in September she was awarded a Group Placement and to show
how versatile she really is, she completed all four passes of her Junior Hunter Title in 2003.  In February 2004, Sarah
went BOB at the Rio Salado Vizsla Club Specialty, in April she went BOS at the South Coast Vizsla Specialty,  in May was
awarded a Group Placement at the Sierra Vista Kennel Club Show, in June she went BOS at the Vizsla Club of Southern
California and in June finished her CD at the Flagstaff Kennel Club Show.  

Sarah was bred in 2002 and 2004 and produced 2 beautiful litters.  Proudly she was Serenity Vizslas foundation bitch.
In November 2007 Sarah came out of retirement to support the Rio Salado Vizsla Club Specialty.  She was awarded Best
Veteran in Sweeps and a judges Award of Merit.  In June 2008 she was awarded another Award of Merit at the Rio Salado
Vizsla Club Specialty.  She finished out 2008 by entering the Veteran Class at the Vizsla Club of America National Event
and was awarded 2nd place in both the 8-10 year Veteran Sweeps and 8-10 year Veteran Class.

In 2007 my parents started asking me for their own Vizsla but I didn’t think a puppy was the right choice for them so my
husband and I agreed to allow Sarah to live out her golden years with them.  We were fortunate that they lived close
and we were able to spend lots of time with her and I know that because of the love and attention she received from
them she lived a truly wonderful and loved life.  She would go into my parents bedroom in the morning and nudge my
dad’s hand to get up and take her for a walk and don’t even think about going for the mail and not taking her!  She also
never missed the opportunity to let them know it was 8pm and she needed her treat.

She counter surfed up until the last days of her life and sometimes my parents didn’t figure it out for days because mom
would think dad ate the Mondel Bread or Muffin that was missing from the counter.  The best story my parents told was
when she stole the banana bread and was hiding in her kennel when they came home (of course she stepped in the
bread and couldn’t clean it all up) so they knew right away what she had done.  My mom says to her “Sarah what did you
do” the remainder of that evening she stuck to my dad like glue.  At one point my mom walked past the office where
Sarah was with my dad and when she came back down the hallway Sarah was hiding behind the treadmill so mom
couldn’t see her.  Later that evening mom heard Sarah drinking and turned to look at her water dish but Sarah wasn’t
there instead she was in the bathroom drinking from the toilet.  My mom said what is she doing? And dad responded
she won’t go to the water bowl because you are in the kitchen.

Until we meet again dear girl run free and chase the birds and remember you brought such joy to our lives that we will
miss you for the rest of our lives but you will live on in your get, grand get and those still to come.

Mike, Vicki, Beverly, Shelly and everyone you ever came in contact with

Sweet dreams our princess “Sarah”

Multiple BISS CH Koppertone-May Sweet Serenity JH, CD
DOB:  12/16/99
Breeders:  Mark & Bonnie Goodwein and Sid & Dorelle Lyons
Owner:  Vicki May
Co-Owner:  Mark Goodwein
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