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Welcome to the Vizsla Breeder Registry @ JCW.  JCW website was designed as a tool to assist breeders and consumers alike.   I recommend the
consumer before buying a Vizsla puppy, read the following information, as well as visit the
Vizsla Club of America (to learn more about the Vizsla).

Consumers, a Vizsla puppy's purchase price may be a smidgen of what you spend over its lifetime.  Think ahead to 10-12+ years of Veterinary Bills
and the importance of choosing a puppy who's ancestors have been screened for common health issues which have a genetic basis.  Your Vizsla
Registration simply means the Sire and Dam of your Vizsla puppy are the same breed.  It does not guarantee Health, Temperament,  Structural
Soundness or  Breeding Quality.  The best source for a healthy, well socialized puppy is a conscientious breeder with a long-term commitment to
the breed and a reputation to uphold.

The Breeder Registry does not constitute a complete list of breeders in the United States or International.  There are many reputable breeders
who do not advertise here.

It is the sole responsibility of the breeder and consumer to do their own research!  I have included links to assist you
(click here).

Breeders, to join the Vizsla Breeder Registry @ JCW, you will need to submit the following information below (unless noted optional).  There is no
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Vizsla(s) must receive a passing hip score:  (USA)  OFA# & Hip Score (if age 2 or older) or Int Hip Score "FCI, BVA/KC or SV" (if age 2 or older).
The below information is about your Breeding Program and must be completed unless noted optional.  
Recommend CHIC Health Testing.

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Vizsla Database.  Make sure OFA health certifications are updated on the Vizsla Database.  Include pictures (maximum 8) when you send in
your information.

Breeder Registry, Breeder Rewards & Honors, Breeder Recognition - Advanced Breeder Of Merit - Levels "use the same format" see examples

Kizmar Vizslas
Legacy Vizslas
Russet Leather Vizslas
Szizlin Vizslas
Training a puppy is like raising a child.
Every single interaction is a training opportunity.
Author:  Dr. Ian Dunbar
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