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Owner(s):  Laura Miller
Phone Number:  402-469-1946
Email Address:
Address:  Maxwell, Iowa

Lundy's Red Bull CGC, VCA Natl Field CH AOM, ROM
Top Versatility Producer
Call Name:  Bull
AKC Registration#:  SR44084705      AKC DNA#:  V540272
AF FDSB#:  1603004      AF DNA#:  C0780298

Honorable Mention: *2008 VCA Nat'l Field open Puppy 3rd place, *2012 VCA
Nat'l Field CH, *2012 NVA National Amateur CH, *2012 NVA Nat'l All Age Runner
-Up, 2013 VCA Nat'l Gun Dog 3rd place,*2013 Runner-up VCA Nat'l Field CH,
*2013 Runner-up VCA Nat'l Amateur Field CH, *2014 VCA Nat'l Field CH AOM,
*2014 VCA Nat'l Amateur Field CH 4th place, *2014 NGPDA ASD Best Vizsla,
*2015 NGPDA ASD Best Vizsla, 2015 VCA Nat'l Gun Dog CH, *2015 Runner-
up VCA Nat'l Field CH, *2015 AFTCA Region 19 CH, *2016 NVA National
Amateur CH, *2016 NGPDA ASD Best Vizsla, *2016 VCA Nat'l Field CH 4th
place, 2017 (IABCA) National/International/Honor/Veteran/Superveteran/
Veteran in Bronze/Superveteran in Bronze Champion (Nat/Int/Hnr/Vet/SVCH/
Vet-B/SVCH-B CH), 2018 VCA Nat'l Gun Dog 4th place, 2018 AKC Nat'l Pointing
Breed Gun Dog CH AOM, 2018 (IABCA) Honor champion in Bronze, Veteran
Champion in Silver, Superveteran Champion in Silver, 2018 & 2019 VCA
National Specialty Veterans Sweepstakes 4th place, 2019 VCA National
Specialty Veterans 4th place, 2018 Top Versatility Producer, 2019 Registry
Of Merit (ROM).  *Horseback.  
Bull is always Owner/Handled!

Winner of 19 National Field Placements and Awards!
First Vizsla ranked in the Purina Top Amateur Shooting Dog Awards
- 2015 & 2016!
First Vizsla ranked in the Purina Top Ten Amateur Shooting Dog
Awards- 2015 & 2016 - #8!
First Vizsla Winner of Region 19 Amateur Shooting Dog wild-bird
First Vizsla Continental to win and First Female Handler - 2015!
First Vizsla in the Purina Top Shooting Dog Awards - 2015!
First Vizsla Winner of the Flint Hills Amateur Shooting Dog Classic
and First Female Handler - 2016!
First Vizsla Winner of the Missouri Amateur Shooting Dog Classic
- 2016!
First Vizsla Winner of the Wild Bird Covey Hunters Club Amateur
Shooting Dog Classic - 2016!
First & Only Vizsla in history (First and only Continental Breed) to be
invited to the Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America’s National Amateur
Shooting Dog Invitational Championship - 2016 & 2019.
 (This Champion-
ship, open to amateur handlers only, invites the Top 12 dogs in the country to
participate. It is run over a three day period, two days of qualifying and the final
day of competition to select a Champion.)
First Vizsla and owner to be Brand Ambassadors and members of the
WINPRO Elite Team - 2018!

Offspring:  1 FC and best vizsla in the 2016 AKC pointing Breed Gun Dog
Championship, 1 CH and several more just points from finishing CH. Pups are
winning & placing in juvenile stakes; including the 2018 NVA National Derby
Runner-Up and 2nd Runner-Up, 2018 NVA Eastern 2nd Runner-Up, 2016
Midwest Futurity winner and 2nd runner-up, 2016 NGDC puppy, 2015 NVA
Eastern Derby Classic, 2015 Mortensen Derby Classic, 2014 NVA Quail
Derby Classic, 2013 NVA Nat'l Derby Classic, 2013 NVA Eastern Derby
Classic, 2013 AKC Gun Dog Championship Open Derby, 2012 NVA Quail
Derby Classic, 2012 VCA Nat'l Puppy & 2012 Mortensen Derby Winner,
2020 NFC winner and 2nd place, 2020 NAFC winner and 3rd place, TCVC
Best in Sweepstakes winner.

Titles attained;  IABCA: National Champion/ International Champion/ Honor
Champion/ Veteran Champion/ Superveteran Champion/Veteran Champion
in Bronze/ Superveteran Champion in Bronze/ Honor Champion in Bronze/
Veteran Champion in Silver/ Superveteran Champion in Silver AKC (VCA):
National Field Champion (2012), National Gun Dog Champion (2015), Field
Champion (2012), Amateur Field Champion (2012), Canine Good Citizen
(2018) NVA: 2x National Amateur Champion (2012 and 2016) AFTCA:
Champion (2015 Region 19)
Frozen Semen Available:  Yes
Fresh Semen Available:  Yes
OFA# Hip Score:  VZ-11684G30M-VPI  "Good"
OFA:  Thyroid, Elbows, Cardiac, Eyes:  Normal
CHIC#:  96446
DOB:  08/14/2007
Size:  23"      Weight:  53 lbs
SIRE:  Perfection “Ace”
DAM AKC:  Showtime “Allie”      DAM FDSB: Obvious Conclusion "Allie"
Breeder(s):  Michael Lundy
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